Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action

A series of policies a government or organization pursues to help a given demographic group, especially a historical minority, in work and/or education. Affirmative action may be mild; for example, race may be one of a number of factors a university considers when deciding admission. On the other hand, it may impose stringent requirements; for example, a government may oblige companies to abide by gender quotas when hiring.

Affirmative action as a policy is quite controversial. Proponents argue it helps engender equality among groups in society. Critics contend it does (or at least can) reward less qualified persons at the expense of more qualified persons.

The term "affirmative action" is predominantly American. The concept is called positive discrimination in the United Kingdom, employment equity in Canada and reservation in India.
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The chairman of the Positive Action MSM and Transgender programme advisory board, Juan Jacobo Hernandez from Colectivo Sol added, "The grantees' organisations - through their geographies and the scope of the programmes - selected will help make a real difference to MSM and transgender individuals in local communities all over the world.
Anthony Young and Michael Kay of Teesside Positive Action have seen an increase in people going for HIV test- ing after Emmerdale's storyline featuring actress 120314HIV_04 IAN COOPER
Parents of one student in the Positive Action condition withdrew their child from the study indicating she was not enjoying being in the small group.
However, I think most people will agree with you, Ian: more positive action is required and racism is not the only form of discrimination in the game.
EUR16,076 spent on one to Co Laois by members of Positive Action spent EUR83,625 in the same year for four weekends away for its members and non-infected family members.
It is only in situations where two or more candidates have equal levels of skill, qualification and experience that the issue of positive action would come under consideration.
However, the proposals addressing positive action, gender pay reporting and hypothetical equal pay comparators are likely to cause more concern and risk for businesses in the Black Country.
The Positive Action Awards highlight public and private sector bodies - and individuals - who are making life easier for disabled people.
It surely doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that positive action means you ensure the playing field is completely level, so everyone has the chance of employment, training etc, whereas positive discrimination means some people lose out unfairly so that others can advance.
I know why there are positive action training schemes to assist those who are genuinely discriminated against, but when it's broken down to this level it seems crazy to me.
AMAEs positive action for over-50s resources THE help being offered to older people in South Wales has been checked out by an Assembly Member.
With sound experienced-based advice, Julianna Slattery will help mothers to keep their faithfulness and focus on the modern challenges of motherhood, and offers practical, applicable tools for replacing guilt with positive action.

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