position building

Position building

Buying shares to build up a long position or selling shares to create a short position in a particular security or group of securities.

Position Building

The practice of buying and short selling securities to create one or more open positions. Position building may occur constantly for traders while other investors may build a position then maintain it for a long period of time.

position building

The continual and gradual accumulation of a firm's shares for a long position or the borrowing and sale of the shares for a short position.
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Over the last few years Holfeld has been steadily building a defencible market position, said Bryan Ford, Sales and Marketing Director for both companies welcomed the development, Our two companies will reinforce and strengthen that position building on the sales successes we had already achieved for the Holfeld brand in the UK and on mainland Europe, improving geographic coverage and enhancing market penetration.
We have some exciting plans for the year head that will allow us to consolidate our position building further on our success to date.
Position building in the next few sessions could involve more averaging down than buying full sizes for fear of missing the prices," said Mathew Wakeman, managing director of cash and equity linked trading at EFG-Hermes.
With so little volume being created on a daily basis due to the trust and confidence crisis in the stock market, creating a masterpiece of explanation to bring a great public company to the attention of the investor to start buying and position building has become a major need to be accomplished.
Again, you see Scotland in a position building on the foundation of the Parliament and greater stability now to lead in some of the dynamic new industries in the future.
With the transition to Tom, I am confident that the Company will be able to extend its market leadership position building on its outstanding client service, visionary product development, and portfolio of interactive care products to support and engage patients and families on their journey of care.
Horizon maintains a market leading position building Internet infrastructure solutions exclusively for SPs and Telcos by combining the skills of best-of-breed partners such as Checkpoint, RiverSoft, Cisco, iPlanet, Inktomi and VERITAS, to deliver today, solutions beyond the dot.
Andreas did an outstanding job in his previous position building on the existing strengths of the EEMA region," Mr.
Demand for 'desirable' vistas and high rise living in Dubai is driving interest from both domestic and international buyers, resulting in a continued effort by developers to position buildings in areas that optimise views of the Gulf or the sweeping skylines that criss-cross the city.
In this market, it is important to position buildings properly.
Commercial real estate professionals use CoStar Property to research leasing options, analyze market conditions, accurately value properties and position buildings in the marketplace.
More than 40,000 commercial real estate professionals rely on CoStar's comprehensive suite of services to find available space, identify investment properties, accurately value properties and position buildings in the marketplace.