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This study expands on the previous research and helps build the case for stronger pollution controls on cars, factories and power plants that generate fine particulate matter pollution, according to an editorial accompanying the study in the New England Journal of Medicine.
This shows that air pollution isn't just an urban problem," says Ramanathan.
It is not uncommon for pollution incidents such as discovery of a long forgotten abandoned and leaking underground oil tank to be discovered by new owners.
holding that an absolute pollution exclusion applied to claims arising from exposure to welding fumes.
For the Communist Party--which has based its legitimacy on delivering economic growth--the question is how to curb pollution without crippling the economy: Chinese leaders fear that a slowdown could lead to social instability.
the owner and parent company of Bowen, respectively--alleging that Bowen and nine other Southern coal-fired plants failed to install modern pollution controls as required by law when they made upgrades to plant equipment.
Davis notes similar tragic incidents in Liege, Belgium, in 1930, where a "killer fog" trapped heavy pollution and killed dozens, and in London in i952, while debate still raged over the exact cause of the events in Donora.
With the rise of the germ theory, though, sewage and disease problems could be separated from industrial waste problems, removing much of the conflict between the pollution reformers and manufacturers.
Particulate pollution is the most important contaminant in our air," says Joel Schwartz, a Harvard School of Public Health scientist.
Just what EPA would do to regulate them is not clear, but there are suggestions that the agency consider the total smoke pollution from both wild and prescribed fires, and seek to keep that total pollution within acceptable limits.
This pollution prevention hierarchy represents a hierarchy of benefits based on the idea that avoiding pollution has major advantages over treating and disposing of it (Council on Environmental Quality, 1991, pp.