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In earlier work, when Dudek was a PhD student, she conducted the first studies demonstrating that synaptic plasticity goes in both directions.
In the epilogue, Malabou summarizes her book as follows: 'I believe that I have shown how, from a philosophical point of view, plasticity refers both to the process of temporization at work in the heart of subjectivity (Hegel) and absolute ontological exchangeability (Heidegger) and also how, from the scientific viewpoint, plasticity characterizes a regime of systematic self-organization that is based on the ability of an organism to integrate the modifications that it experiences and to modify them in return' (61).
The importance of temperature influence research on the plasticity of steel for further development of warm forming technology.
The ill-posedness of the set of partial differential equations, nonobjectivity of the numerical response, mesh dependency and strain localization are the basic deficiencies encountered by using general softening plasticity models.
The topic of brain plasticity itself will be novel to most readers, as will some of the constructs and methods presented in the various chapters.
Another mechanism may be injury-induced structural plasticity in the dendritic spines of cortical motoneurons.
The PMA curve for adhesive "A" (Figure 2) indicates a degree of cross linking and therefore the elasticity for this adhesive is very high; this is evident from Table 1, which shows a low tack value and a high plasticity number.
The model unified several observations of synaptic plasticity and, after being tested in labs, it is seen as the standard model by many researchers in the field.
Tarkka found evidence of neural plasticity using electromyography functional magnetic resonance imaging, and brain mapping techniques.
Sleek, powerful, and with the kind of plasticity of movement one seldom sees in British dance companies, they look like they could handle anything that's thrown their way.
Discussing consilia produced for disputes over real estate, inheritance claims, the rights of daughters and/or married women, the status of bastards in family reckoning, and the relationship of fathers and sons, Kuehn abundantly displays the plasticity and polysemy that characterized lawyers' interventions in contested matters of social status and interaction.
NatureWorks, the world's leading supplier of biopolymers with Ingeo([TM]) plastics and fibers made 100 percent from plants, not oil, joins onstage at Plasticity Rio '12 with some of the world's leading decision makers and innovators to put bioplastics on the UN agenda.