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The assets of a business including land, buildings, machinery, and all equipment permanently employed.

Fixed Asset

An asset with a long-term useful life that a company uses to make its products or provide its services. Strictly speaking, a fixed asset is any asset that the company does not expect to sell for at least a year, but the term often refers to assets a company expects to have indefinitely. Common examples of fixed assets are real estate and factories, which a company holds for long periods of time.


large items of capital such as a PRODUCTION LINE or furnace used in production. See MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT, CAPITAL STOCK, FIXED ASSET.
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unseen," "tied," "released," "alone," "perhaps," "peacefully," "upon its plantlike stem") and pararhyme ("sharp"-"shape," "stem"-"seem," "pasture's"-"peacefully"; "lifts"-"released"), which directs even more attention to peripheral forms.
Co-transcribed genes for long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis in the protozoon Perkinsus marinus include a plantlike FAE1 3-ketoacyl coenzyme A synthase.
her hair, braided, curled, shaped, loses its disquieting plantlike mystery.
The condition is caused by eating fish containing toxins produced by the dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus, a one-celled plantlike organism that grows on algae in tropical waters worldwide.
A small video camera is mounted on the interior of the plantlike forms and focuses up at the Web-amplifying the spider environment to allow humans to observe and commune with them while mixing both humans and spider in this eco-techno-Web.
Once the snow melts, enough light can penetrate the ice to spur the growth of phytoplankton--very small, drifting, plantlike organisms that live in the water.
Moss is one of a number of primitive, nonflowering plants or plantlike organisms you may encounter in and around the garden.
Although it has just one cell, it is a predator, with little structures similar to those you see on jelly fish which it can stick into plantlike plankton.
Since the female matter is described as plantlike, one might question how it could exist only as matter and not as a completed substance in its own right.
The fields of the sea are rich beyond measure, densely populated not only with these zooplankton but also with phytoplankton, the single-celled plantlike organisms that form the basis of the entire marine food web.
It's going to take some time for everybody to appreciate the value and the versatility of a plantlike this," says Schmidt.
In art, the word `organic' is also used to describe artworks inspired by forms and shapes in nature, often flowing, irregular and plantlike, Find examples of artworks you think look organic.