planned unit development

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planned unit development (PUD)

A project or subdivision that has individually owned parcels and homes,together with recreational or landscaping elements owned by a homeowners association and managed for the mutual benefit of all homeowners.

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The latest planned unit development proposal is the Beverlys fourth for the site.
The city has elaborate rules that planned unit developments must meet.
Planned unit developments must meet a host of criteria, including setting aside open space and natural areas, avoiding wetlands and streams, and keeping off steep slopes and high ridgetops.
But some neighbors still worry that Keys may later seek to amend his planned unit development and add a lot more units.
Later, the developer most likely will be required to go through a planned unit development approval process, a traffic impact analysis and a Willamette Greenway permitting process.
The proposed planned unit development was annexed into the city of Eugene this past year.
Public hearing, appeal of hearings official decision, Crest Meadows planned unit development.
Public hearing, Deerbrook planned unit development.
Wend up Hawkins Lane from West 18th Avenue into Eugene's southwest hills, turn right on Hallmark, and you'll soon find yourself poised at the edge of the Aerie Park planned unit development.
The property is located in the Barrington Hall, a 650-acre Planned Unit Development, which includes a golf club with an 18-hole course, estate homes, and single family homes.
The 219,549 square foot property consists of two separate four-story buildings and is in the heart of the Kentlands, an upscale 352-acre planned unit development that is 11 miles northwest of Washington, D.