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The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.


The act or process of selling a new issue of a security to investors. Most of the time, a placement must be registered with the SEC before it can actually take place. See also: Private placement.


To sell a new securities issue.


an aspect of DISTRIBUTION concerned with ensuring that a firm's products are available for consumers to purchase at appropriate locations.


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Following that evaluation, the Leeds-based firm has taken the decision to withdraw the bet completely: "The Placer has been under review for some time and we've taken the decision to drop it, as there just wasn't the general demand for the bet as we'd expected," explained their newlyappointed PR manager Kate Miller.
Placer and Aurion are already joint participants in the Granny Smith mine in Western Australia and the Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea.
Se puede afirmar que en los dialogos platonicos la respuesta a la cuestion evaluativa (sobre el lugar del placer en la vida del hombre) esta condicionada por la que se da a la cientifica de la naturaleza del placer.
Today, more than a dozen years and innumerable court filings later, Placer is out of the deal.
The first placer dividend was absolutely ludicrous, four unplaced favourites and three races where two outsiders filled the first two places.
chief executive officer Bob Buchan described as the "most important event to happen in the Timmins camp in 20 years," the gold producer is joining forces with rival Placer Dome Ltd.
The validity of filing placer claims over established lode claims on public lands was at issue in Bixby v.