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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.


The slope of a roof, sidewalk, or other surface. The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific requirements for the pitch of access ramps leading to building entrances.

Example: Figure A has a 1:12 pitch because the slope rises 1 foot for every 12 feet of distance. Figure B has a 1:6 pitch.

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She said she's reminded daily that the pitched battle waged decades ago was worth it.
A YOUTH football match was abandoned when a pitched battle involving more than 50 people broke out.
Gardai were called out after two gangs of Travellers got involved in a pitched battle in Ashbourne, Co Meath, early yesterday.
We hope that it's not going to come to a pitched battle, but in a sense we're preparing for one," he said.
Hundreds of drunken British youths hurled bottles and paving stones in a pitched battle with police in Majorca.
A pitched battle involving 200 British lager louts and police erupted on a holiday island.
It's almost humorous how much time was wasted on Boise State the past few days, when Cal and Texas are in a pitched battle for that final BCS spot.
Around 30 people were involved in a pitched battle at the Ice Factory.
A half century after Prohibition failed, Los Angeles is in a pitched battle with beer, wine and liquor companies over a law designed to keep alcohol ads and billboards out of sight from minors.
1986: Man Utd and West Ham fans fight a pitched battle on a cross-Channel ferry.