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I could not turn round and ended up paying pounds 10 for two-and-a-half hours in a pitch-dark car park.
For a pitch-dark red wine, try the brilliantly apt The Waxed Bat, Petit Verdot 2007 (pounds 7.
US, UK, Danish and Afghan forces poured off 38 Chinooks in the pitch-dark as ground forces attacked with night sights and "red illume" flares which cannot be seen by the naked eye.
In 2002, a similar incident at a middle school in northern China resulted in 21 children being crushed to death after a railing collapsed as students were descending a pitch-dark staircase after evening review classes.
Before you dictate what the Migrant Workers Protection Society should do or not do, I suggest that you remove the pitch-dark cooling glass from your face and look at the real world around you.
A centuries old Muslim ritual of human alarm clocks beating drums and bells in the pitch-dark hours of Islam's holiest month has returned to the strife-torn region.
In some of the earlier paintings from the gloomy series called "Human Body," 1986-95, a leg, head, or torso is cut off by the edges of the pitch-dark canvas, leaving an incomplete body.