phase out

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Phase Out

To gradually end something, especially a project. For example, a company seeking to wind down its research and development department my phase it out by cutting its budget successively over several years.

phase out

To bring to an end in stages. Typically encountered with tax benefits that are phased out—decreased or diminished—over the course of several years.

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The deduction will continue to be phased out for higher income taxpayers but the new law will raise the income-eligibility limits for the deduction.
Kevin Zugibe, Chairman and CEO stated: "We believe this alliance with EOS Climate will help us utilize a new protocol recently approved by the Climate Action Reserve's ("CAR") Board, to generate high quality emissions reductions through the destruction of ozone depleting substances ("ODS"), such as Chlorofluorocarbons ("CFCs"), that have been phased out of production.
HFCs are replacements for ozone depleting substances (ODS) being phased out under the Montreal Protocol and are primarily used as coolants for refrigeration and air conditioning.
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