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The deliverable limit public contract is the delivery and implementation of personnel information system (PIS) and ensuring its service support.
The client wishes to enter into an agreement for replacing and maintaining a personnel information system as well as the migration of existing staff information system, in which one partner is wanted which is capable with the client to achieve a number of project goals.
Delivery personnel information system according to client requirements specified in the tender documentation and follow-up support for at least 4 years.
The special project, according to the company, will comprise of two components: one will be the 'financial systems' that will set processes on budget planning and monitoring, logistics and property management; and the other will be on Personnel Information Systems which delves with demographics and service profiles of employees.
The major elements of HRC are the Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate, which provides Active and Reserve enlisted Soldiers with career guidance and support; the Officer Personnel Management Directorate, which provides Active and Reserve officers with career guidance and support; The Adjutant General Directorate, which manages Soldiers' records, promotion boards, evaluation processing, personnel actions and entitlement programs, and Veterans' support; the Personnel Information Systems Directorate, which provides Information Technology support to command functions; and various staff elements, including G3, Resource Management, Chief Information Officer, Surgeon, Inspector General, and Judge Advocate.
Under the two-month base period and four one-year options that begin on August 1, 2003, SI International will perform personnel administration processing, automated systems operations, and personnel information systems management including system enhancements.
provided finance, property management, corporate communications, legal personnel information systems and support to the 21 sales and marketing manufacturing, service and support companies that made up the Sanyo North American Group.
Army Personnel Information Systems Command, Milton Grodsky of the University of Maryland and Lari Sue Naylor of Fannie Mae (FNMA, the Federal National Mortgage Association).
Allshare's other divisions - Allshare Finance and Allshare Personnel - provide banking and personnel information systems.
With our increased role as program integrator, we look forward to developing new personnel information systems to meet the Army's requirements into the 21st century.
Army, where he was the Commanding General of the Personnel Information Systems Command.

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