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Personal Account

A bank account one uses for purposes other than business. One uses a personal account for one's daily and regular expenses, such as rent, utilities, debt service and groceries. One also uses a personal account for one's savings that have not been invested. Most personal accounts are thus divided into checking and savings accounts.

personal accounts

the accounts which are recorded in the sales ledger and purchases ledger of debtors and creditors respectively. A business has to keep a record within its recording system of how much is owing from each individual customer and to each individual supplier. See LEDGER.
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The prosecution had alleged that the two transferred money to their personal accounts on April 3, 2001.
Sources told that Deputy Director Property and Land Workshop has deposited the income of 56,00000 rupees generated from shops and lands in his personal accounts.
Summary: Ajman Police blocks 13 personal accounts on social media for selling drugs in UAE
ANSWER: Aggregating retirement and personal accounts to provide a reduced fee may be well-intentioned but, unfortunately, could result in a prohibited transaction under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and ERISA.
A total of 4432 candidates chose vacancies and submitted applications through their personal accounts.
Over $1 billion was transferred to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's personal accounts, more than the amount previously identified by probes into state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.
dollars had been channeled into his personal accounts via controversial state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd.
Global Banking News-November 5, 2015--Citizens survey says small business owners use personal accounts for business
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 6, 2015-New personal accounts launched by NatWest and RBS
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 6, 2015-New personal accounts launched by NatWest and RBS
Encountering Genocide: Personal Accounts From Victims, Perpetrators, and Witnesses
Employers are now prohibited from requiring employees and applicants to disclose their login information for personal accounts, a method some employers used to directly monitor communications and to observe social media activities.

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