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Perse loves this area of Long Island--he's excited about offering his home furnishings, his "Baby James" line of children's wear, and his signature surfwear and accessories for men and women, in a real beach community.
En fait, conclut Reyes, nous comprendrons vraiment la situation politique et economique de Chypre lorsque des etudes archeologiques auront defini les traces que les Assyriens et les Perses ont laisse en Palestine, en Phenicie, et en Syrie puisque l'ile faisait petrie, comme ces regions, du bassin oriental de la Mediterranee et qu'elle entretenait des liens avec ces dernieres sans avoir eu a subir leur domination.
For Perse, it was in the blood; his father, Tommy Perse, is the founder of the fashionable and almost legendary boutique Maxfield, incidentally the place where James sold the first thing he ever manufactured -- a line of perfectly shaped baseball caps in the early '90s.
Moore, known for his occasional tilt at the ring, breathed a sigh of relief after the gelding, ridden by Dane O'Neill, had held the challenge of Sir Perse.
La Fin du royaume d'Ansan et de Suse et la naissance de l'empire Perse.
Men can shop spring sportswear from designers such as Michael Kors, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman, and Faconnable, or opt for contemporary pieces by Robert Graham, Vince, Marc by Marc Jacobs, James Perse, G-Star, Original Penguin, Hudson, Seven, and Joes Jeans.
The boys were on a trip with classmates and teachers from prestigious PS15,000-ayear Perse School in Cambridge.
Le cinema perse est donc a l'honneur avec des productions, qui renseignent sur certains modes de vie paysannes, a l'exemple de l'oeuvre [beaucoup moins que]Morceau de pain[beaucoup plus grand que] projetee jeudi dernier au soir a la Cinematheque.
and a short-term, 2,187 s/f expansion for James Perse Enterprises Inc.
Basketball biggie Reggie Miller admitted he has to get all his James Perse duds custom-made.
RENE CHAR, Andre Frenaud, Andre du Bouchet, Jean Cocteau, Tristan Tzara, Andre Breton, Yves Bonnefoy, Bernard Noel, Saint-John Perse, Pierre Reverdy, Paul Eluard, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, Miro, Bellmer, Ubac, Picasso, Tal Coat, Ernst, Fautrier, Giacometti, Vieira da Silva, Tapies, Alechinsky, Chagall, Buren, Leger, Dubuffet: the list of great poets and artists with whom, directly or indirectly, Monique Mathieu has collaborated over the past forty years is breathtakingly extensive.