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attached to the permit remains available for other permittees until the
190) The differentiation of agricultural stormwater discharges from other discharges depends on each NPDES permittee following a nutrient management plan that precludes application of manure that would provide nutrients beyond what are necessary for crop production.
Permittees pay annual grazing fees, currently set by a formula established in 1978 and based on an index of rental charges for private rangeland and an index of livestock industry profitability (GAO, 1991).
schedules only required the permittees to monitor and report selenium
In the event that one new permittee fails to maintain its portion of the SWM, other permittees must have the ability to enter the other permittees' property and maintain the system.
For some analyses, permittees were divided into those representing public entities (e.
Permittees that are allowed to graze their cattle in Grand Teton National Park have been reduced from 29 families to only eight as of spring 1998.
78) While the FWS and other government agencies are not legally required to implement recovery plan recommendations, [subsections] 10 permittees must implement the mitigation requirements in their HCPs to escape the ESA's criminal and civil sanctions.
The ESP was designed to reward qualified permittees with increased tenure security and greater voice in determining livestock management practices (Huffaker and Gardner, 1987).
The FMP, finalized in September 1983, allows for domestic and foreign fishing by regular or experimental permits and requires logbooks of the permittees.
The project was so successful that other grazing permittees are expanding the program to 5,000 acres of federal, state, and private lands.