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He was a perfectionist in his art and could be difficult to work for.
As a perfectionist you likely have a fear of failing or being seen as a failure.
While on the surface your perfectionist strategy makes sense, enabling you to bask in positive feedback from teachers, coaches, friends, and in some cases your parents, it simply can't be kept up long term.
Because perfectionists base their self-worth on outside measures, they're especially susceptible to comparisons.
Engaging in self-care activities may provide maladaptive perfectionist counselor educators with a respite from constant career-related doubts and provide opportunities for stress relief and wellness.
TABLE 3 Estimated Indicator Means for the Three-Profile Semiconstrained Model % Group Profile Canadian Chinese M PS M PC M Neur Non perfectionist 43.
A MANOVA was conducted to evaluate whether differences in depression, active task-focused coping and avoidant coping existed between perfectionist groups.
A firm believer of 'looking the part' the perfectionist Khan has also gone through a drastic physical transformation in recent years, bulking up for his role in blockbuster 'Ghajini', growing out his hair and moustache for 'Mangal Panday' and recently toning down for his role in 'Dhoom:3' which sees him play a magician/crook called Sahir who performs elaborate stunts for his heists.
Question 3 asked whether important persons in participants' lives had referred to them as perfectionist.
In this study, 23 participants (64%) identified themselves as perfectionists.
He is a complete perfectionist andhe analyses things to the Nth degree"
Don't put a perfectionist in a role that is overly complex or requires managing people.