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1. A payment on the interest and/or principal on a loan; debt service.

2. When a bond is called or matures and a new one is issued, the amount by which the face value of the old issue exceeds the face value of the new one. This represents a reduction in the issuer's debt. If a company pays out $10,000,000 in bond maturities and then issues $7,000,000 in new bonds, this is an example of paydown, because the company now has $3,000,000 less in debt.


In a corporate or U.S. Treasury refunding, the amount by which the face value of the bonds being refunded exceeds the par value of the new bonds being sold. The paydown represents the amount by which the debt is reduced.
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Upgrades may occur with improved pool performance and additional paydown or defeasance.
A student loan repayment program can significantly accelerate the paydown of student debt.
The Paydown Planner and Purchase Planner help guide cardmembers' spending and payments by calculating the period of time it may take to pay down a balance or how a large purchase may affect their account.
0 million is held in cash by the trustee to be used for principal paydown at the next payment date.
This partnership is an expansion of Gradifi's free integrated member paydown rewards platform that will allow its members to earn rewards that are automatically used to pay down their student loan debt.
The rating upgrades are due to an additional 5% defeasance and 4% paydown since Fitch's last ratings action.
The affirmation is a result of paydown offset by increasing concentrations with only 5 loans remaining.
9% additional paydown and amortization since Fitch's last rating action.
Regarding our current debt, based on the current assumptions underlying the strategic plan, we anticipate a paydown on debt in a range of $5 to $7 million in FY08 with commensurate paydowns in succeeding fiscal years.
The upgrade reflects increased credit enhancement due to paydown, scheduled amortization, as well as the additional defeasance of seven loans (3.
The rating affirmations reflect the stable pool performance and minimal paydown since issuance.
The affirmations are the result of the transaction paydown and subsequent increase in credit enhancement offsetting the overall decline in the underlying credit tenants' ratings.