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German and Japanese passives are similar in terms of distribution with regard to transitivity.
The issue of passive versus active matrix LEP displays will likely be played out over several generations of product, each offering advantages in specific applications.
In addition to solution form factor reduction, OEMs benefit from the use of these highly integrated ASIPs through the reduction of bill-of-material costs as well as procurement and manufacturing overhead costs associated with procuring manufacturing with a large number of discrete passive devices.
today announced the introduction of a series of passive splitters targeting cell phone and personal communications applications.
Growth in both of these high ASP, high-profit product lines is good news for the passives industry.
In addition to a detailed analysis of the passives manufacturing supply chain, the report provides a complete analysis of supply and demand for capacitors and resistors through 2003, with detailed forecasts by major device types including projected selling prices.
Under the agreement, LD Fiberoptics LLC will develop a new family of integrated passive optical components that provide network system designers increased functionality while lowering systems costs and decreasing time to market.
With annual sales in 1999 of $93 million, BI Technologies will significantly expand the passives portfolio of TT Group's companies, which already includes IRC (resistors) and MMG (ferrites, magnetics) in North America, Welwyn Components (resistors) and MMG Neosid (ferrites, magnetics) in the UK and AB Elektronik (trimmers, potentiometers) in Germany, as well as several companies in automotive sensors in both Europe and North America.
The CAPSXpert Passives database, used to research capacitors, resistors and inductors, is equipped with the industry's most robust search engine.
California Micro Devices ships over one billion passive
This new system represents the innovative ways that Avnet Electronics Marketing and its passives partners are creating value for customers by using the latest information technology to speed up the design and sourcing cycle," said Steve Church, president of Avnet Electronics Marketing.
AVX Corporation (NYSE: AVX), a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components has received recognition from Arrow Electronics, a world leader in electronics distribution.