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A person or company with a stake in a venture. Examples of participants include a shareholder, an employee in a company, or a policyholder in an insurance policy.


1. Of, relating to, or being an unusual class of preferred stock that participates with common stock in dividend increases according to a specified formula. For example, a participating preferred issue might require that any increases in dividends on common stock above $2 per share be shared equally with preferred. Compare nonparticipating.
2. Of or relating to a type of life insurance in which the insured shares in the insurer's investment success or lack of success. Owners of participating policies receive dividends from the insurer. Compare nonparticipating.
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The focus of the study was not to determine why students did or did not participate in discussions.
As mentioned above, even though he did not individually materially participate in XYZ, he can combine his participation with D's.
It reasoned that students who seek to join the debate team, write for the student newspaper, play in the marching band, or participate in any other after school activities would be dissuaded from using drugs knowing that their urine would be tested.
Any firm practicing before the SEC was eligible to participate in the program, provided it agreed to do so by the time the reviews began.
The person must register the shelter within 90 days of beginning the discussions unless (1) the person does not participate in the shelter and notifies the promoter in writing, within the 90-day period, that the person will not participate; or (2) within the 90-day period, the person obtains and reasonably relies on both a written statement from the promoter that the shelter is registered and a copy of the registration.
In all four states, both older (aged 65 and above) and younger adults (aged 18 to 64) with disabilities will be recruited to participate.
information professionals participate and contribute, they learn and become
Students also participate in a variety of short-term internships, or shadowing experiences.
After several explanations of the concepts of supportive employment, job matching, and job modification, the consumers agreed to participate in the exploration project.
Since it is expected that everyone participate fully, no one is permitted to be anonymous.
You and/or your spouse participate in the operation of your woodland activity for more than 500 hours during the tax year.
We were pleased to participate in this demonstration and are proud that our performance was rated among the best.

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