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Cloud Modules let developers easily integrate third-party services and libraries into their Parse App.
We've always loved Twilio and folks at Parse have used it for many projects in the past so I'm incredibly excited about this partnership.
Dr Parse provides individually tailored solutions to a variety of technology professionals: assemblers, compiler developers, language interpreters, translators, syntax-directed editors, language validators, natural language processors, and more.
When an organization such as Harris & Baseview is dealing with customer records numbering in the hundreds of thousands, it needs a quick and easy way to parse people's names," said Jack Hermansen, CEO of LAS.
Dynamic Introspection: Dynamically parses application program and screen definitions.
Language Analysis Systems, makers of advanced multi-cultural name recognition software, today announced availability of LAS NameParser(TM), a new technology to help organizations parse ethnically diverse personal names from more than 200 countries into given names and surnames.
8220;While other products are incapable of processing these non-standard HL7 messages, the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare's new lenient HL7 parser can parse unknown segments, capturing the data for subsequent transformation and manipulation.
Flashy title aside, the sophomore pop-rock outing from Scissor Sisters parses out the razzle-dazzle judiciously; the uber-catchy choruses and Jake Shears's stratospheric singing are anchored by deceptively complex songs that sound ageless, not dated.
Los dos parses juntos tienen una capacidad instalada de unos 4.