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ALABAMA ASSESSES A 1% TAX ON DOMESTIC corporations based on the par value of company stock.
In the context of a par value system in which convertibility could be suspended, the United States favored an international reserve indicator as an objective gauge of whether a country's policies were consistent with overall equilibrium in the balance of payments and with adequate growth in global liquidity (at existing par values).
capital of the Company was 1,098,919,854 ordinary shares, par value NIS
50 Series, $100 par value, 98,288 shares, currently callable at $101.
The firm served as book-running manager on 306 issues equating to a par value of $6.
992435 share of GM $1-2/3 par value common stock for each PERCS is equivalent to the call price of $53.
The Fund will redeem 100% (2,050 shares) of its then outstanding Series W Auction Rate Preferred Shares par value $.
The senior and class III/IV par value ratios have increased marginally since the last review due to the de-levering of over 31% of the class I notes during this time.
a publicly held Delaware corporation engaged in the provision of services, facilities and equipment to the medical and chiropractic professions ("Americare"), announces that its stockholders have approved a corporate recapitalization reverse splitting Americare's common stock on a one share for five currently held basis, increasing the par value of its common stock to $.
10 par value, into Ordinary Shares with no par value.
01 par value per share common stock in the ratio of 1 for 2, effective August 15, 2006; E[acute accent](iv) obtained a new Cusip Number which is 362985 10.
OTC Bulletin Board: SWII) announced today that it had effected a reverse split of its outstanding common shares and increased the par value of the common shares.