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Commercial Paper

An unsecured, short-term debt security issued by a corporation. Commercial paper is usually issued at a discount from par, and is a popular investment with mutual funds. It usually is issued in large denominations (over $250,000) and has a maturity of less than 270 days, with most maturing within one or two months of issue. It is a highly liquid investment and forms part of the money market. It is often simply called paper.


A short-term unsecured note. This is generally used interchangeably with the term commercial paper.


Short-term, unsecured debt securities that a corporation issues are often referred to as paper -- for short-term commercial paper. The term is sometimes used to refer to any corporate bonds, whether secured or unsecured, short or long term.


Slang for promissory notes.If a seller is willing to provide some or all of the financing for a property, the seller would say,“I'm willing to hold some paper.” Lenders who specialize in loans to borrowers with less-than-ideal credit histories are said to specialize in B paper.

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With the assistance of Morgan Keegan, the Company will be able to dramatically change the scope and course of its operations by having access to capital from a paper-clip REIT which will acquire the Company's owned hotels as well as other hotels that will then be leased to and managed by the Company.
Minor Perkins, Managing Director of Morgan Keegan, commented: "Morgan Keegan is pleased to join with Hudson to undertake the formation of what we expect to be the first paper-clip REIT focused on the limited-service hotel sector.
Wilson explained that the Company will share certain management and support functions with the paper-clip REIT.