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In particular, oleic acid (C18:1) is positively correlated with the overall palatability of beef (Waldman et al.
A preliminary instruction session was conducted between the researcher and the "taste panelists" prior to the commencement of the preference and palatability trial.
Even though he alerted of situations in which preference may not be a good indicator for practical conditions he concluded that, in general, feed palatability for pigs is clearly driven by the nature of the feedstuffs.
It is important, though, that a careful study of the comparative palatability, satiety, and caloric compensation resulting from mushroom-substituted meals be tested in a controlled fashion to help predict whether mushroom substitutes will fulfill their potential as a means of reducing weight significantly.
Where the palatability of the feed may induce changes in the time or amount of feed consumed, appropriate controls are included.
Meat palatability is defined as "tenderness, juiciness, and flavor" with tenderness being the most important palatability characteristic influencing a consumer's eating experience.
The judges scored them on their palatability, taste and texture.
There is a similar palatability issue with salt tablets, which many people cannot keep down.
This determines palatability, digestibility and energy content.
A little butter and honey can help the palatability.
Ethypharm's proprietary Flashtab technology, which improves the palatability of bad-tasting and difficult-to-swallow drugs, is a novel solution to the increasing demand from both doctors and consumers for the more convenient use of medicines; Flashtab is well adapted for people who have difficulties in swallowing, such as children or the elderly and is also perfectly suitable for active people who wish to take their medication without water.
To increase the palatability of sports drinks you might try freezing a bottle (remove a little before you freeze it, since it will expand) and carry it in a waist pack.