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608: A 1,234-SF unit owned by River Market Tower LLC.
5: Wilayat Quriyat Race Pure Arabian Horses 1600m won by Shuhood owned by Mohammed bin Saoud Al Khalili and ridden by Hosni bin Mubarak Al Hajri, second PH Dilmon owned by Abdullah
Example 2: X, Y and Z have each owned an equal interest in Loss Co.
The reason was that almost all of these societies at the time had the choice of only a handful of "public service" television stations, owned or controlled by the government.
Firms owned by blacks and by American Indians or native Alaskans were much more likely than other firms to use credit unions; and firms owned by American Indians or native Alaskans were much less likely than other firms to use savings institutions.
For purposes of the 100%-stock-ownership requirement, Quiggley is disregarded as an entity separate from Essco; thus, all of Quiggley's assets (including its Zeno stock) are deemed owned by Essco.
are dedicated to helping qualified minority and women owned business achieve their goals.
Kayden of Harvard University, in cooperation with the New York City Planning Department and the Municipal Art Society, the book analyzes all of the city's 503 privately owned public spaces at 320 buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Although the absolute number of banks owned by foreign governments is large, such banks hold only a small percentage of the total U.
This includes 44 wholly owned properties with an aggregate of 6,013 rooms and nine hotels in joint ventures totaling 1,192 rooms.
The results came as follows: In the first round, "A'Riyadhiyah" owned by Batti bin Nassir al-Malki from the Wilayat of Al Qabil came first.
Among prime candidates for sale or renegotiation are many properties owned by the California Department of Transportation, including a nine-hole Oakland Hills golf course with a two-story driving range, golf shop, bar and restaurant, purchased in the 1950s to create right-of-way for a long-since scrapped highway.