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3d DCA 1976), the court held that the agreement was unconscionable and a product of overreaching as supported by its oppressive terms, which included an award to the wife of the equity in the marital residence, furniture, and furnishings, the 1973 Thunderbird, the checking and savings account totaling $3,500, and an award to the wife of $1,200 per month in alimony plus the husband being obligated to make the monthly mortgage and car payments.
In addition, an independent fiduciary would have to select or approve any look-through investment vehicles that are offered to participants, a requirement that has been criticized as being overreaching, inappropriate, and unnecessary.
Arnold Schwarzenegger -- after catastrophically overreaching in last year's special election -- has worked hard to regain the mainstream.
But it's misleading to take his obstinate refusal to produce focused shows as a sign of either egomaniacal overreaching (although he does start off the present catalogue with a picture of himself at age sixteen touring Norway on a Vespa) or sheer laziness (although "Universal Experience" does reprise works from Bonami's past efforts at Manifesta and Venice).
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Calling them yet another example of overreaching environmental regulations that would threaten jobs and drive up energy costs, today United for Jobs issued a warning to workers on the economic consequences of attempts by environmental groups to pressure the EPA into adopting unnecessarily strict mercury emission rules.
RSA fought for increased education of building residents as a more effective and realistic solution to the problem of fire safety than the proposed alternative, an overreaching plan that included retrofitting existing buildings with sprinklers at great cost to building owners.
This also causes overreaching for the pedals risking hamstring problems, low back pain, and Achilles tendinitis.
This is obviously an unconstitutional overreaching by the City in an attempt to deter an alleged drug dealer without arresting him.
TEI sincerely believes, however, that these instances of regulatory overreaching can be most effectively addressed on a case-by-case basis and that the application of a regulatory freeze would do more harm than good.
The potential for overreaching is significantly greater when a lawyer, a professional trained in the art of persuasion, personally solicits an unsophisticated, injured or distressed layperson," Kennedy wrote.
NAR opposes this overreaching and contends that allowing these provisions to pass could undermine the continued evolution of this robust housing market.
May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week's decision by Standard and Poor's (S&P) rating agency to require additional credit enhancement for certain loans governed by anti-predatory lending laws is an understandable reaction to the overreaching provisions of the New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act -- a fundamentally flawed mortgage lending law, says the New Jersey Financial Services Association (NJFSA).