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For each $1 million in outlays for office building operations, 24.
The report noted that the feds peg Title I outlays to per-pupil expenditures, giving more money to states with higher per-pupil outlays.
Japan's entrenched pork-barrel public works system has traditionally resulted in fixed outlays for projects.
The flurry of increases in outlays that occurred near the conclusion of last fall's budget deliberations is troubling because it makes the previous year's lack of discipline less likely to have been an aberration.
In the first stage, the n firms and one consumer group compete by expending outlays to win their prizes.
Because of these problems, the total outlays approach was adopted for this article.
While total assets in the United States held by the Japanese remain greater than those of any other country, Japan's new outlays in 1993 fell for the third consecutive year in 1993, dropping to $1.
5 billion, out of total federal outlays of about $1,137 billion.
Overall funding outlays for basic research would increase by 5 percent in this budget; obligations for engineering and physical science components would climb 7 percent, the same increase slated for the National Science Foundation (NSF).
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has assigned an 'AA+' rating to approximately $200,000,000 State of Florida full faith and credit state board of education public education capital outlay (PECO) bonds, 2005 series F, for bids on 18 hours notice as early as Oct.
He instructed various government units to slash unnecessary or non-urgent expenses to help finance capital outlays.
March Personal Income and Outlays, January 2012 March 1