origination fees

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Origination Fee

A percentage of the total amount of a loan that one pays for the privilege to take out that loan. A bank or brokerage assesses this fee in theory to help defray costs. Banks and brokerages must disclose the amount of the origination fee to the borrower within three hours of applying for the loan. See also: Activation fee.

origination fees

Charges to a borrower to cover the costs of originating a loan.

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switching to a business model where we only charge a flat fee for origination would force us to arrive at an average origination fee for all loans.
The CUSO's decision to remove the origination fee comes at a time when student borrowers are faced with escalating tuition costs nationwide, creating a widening funding gap in order to finance their education.
Since the points and loan origination fees are excellent profits for financing companies, one should always negotiate the mortgage down to no points or loan origination fees, if at all possible.
The Lone Oak 50/50 Broker Program is quite simple and represents an industry-wide sea change from the way loan origination fees are now set," explains Ducot.
In response, Harari informed brokers that they would receive the entire loan origination fee for simply filling out one page of information online, submit supporting documents and completing several other tasks that are designated and tracked on GoLoan's Web site.
They hired a mortgage broker that told them he would charge a 4% origination fee because of the "complexity" associated with the deal due to their self-employment status.
The new energy awareness mortgage encourages home energy conservation with expanded debt to income ratios, a 50% reduction in origination fees, and 100% financing for qualifying members.
Zero origination fees provide students more money up front, so that students who borrow to pay for college have more money to cover education expenses, with each borrowed dollar directed toward education and not interest.
The Lines of Credit program run by Gala Resources of New York limits origination fees to one time a year regardless of the number of loans.
57-541, 1957-2 CB 319, and 67-297, 1967-2 CB 87, dealing with the treatment of loan origination fees on FHA and VA loans, do not apply to cash-basis home buyers who satisfy the requirements of Rev.
In addition, seniors who opt to receive 100% of their loan proceeds in a lump sum at time of closing, incur no closing costs or origination fees.
We're paying the origination fees so students will have more money up front -- when they need it the most -- for books, tuition, fees, and all the other costs of education.