Origination Fee

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Origination Fee

A percentage of the total amount of a loan that one pays for the privilege to take out that loan. A bank or brokerage assesses this fee in theory to help defray costs. Banks and brokerages must disclose the amount of the origination fee to the borrower within three hours of applying for the loan. See also: Activation fee.

Origination fee.

An origination fee is an amount, usually calculated as a percentage of a mortgage loan or home equity loan, which a lender charges for processing your application. The origination fee may be subtracted from the amount of the loan or you may pay the fee separately.

Origination Fee

An upfront fee charged by some lenders, expressed as a percent of the loan amount.

It is the same as points except that points vary with the interest rate and the origination fee does not.

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1 ] Origination fee : PenFed 1% origination fee waived as limited time offer.
I illustrated this in a follow-up letter I wrote to CFPB: The costs of originating a loan are not limited to the cost of loan officers, but also include underwriters and secondary market staff as well as building, equipment, technology services and other overhead costs that my company charges through origination fees that vary based on the amounts of borrowers' loans.
Compute the cumulative cost savings by adding up the cash inflows from the monthly payment savings, the difference of the unpaid principal balance between the two financing alternatives, and the initial cash outflows from paying loan origination fees or points.
Providing credit union members and their families a private student loan product with zero origination fees, especially during a time with dramatic increases in tuition costs, is something that is extremely important to us," said Tom O'Shea, Chairman of CU Student Lending, LLC.
LOS ANGELES, March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Lone Oak Fund, LLC is readying to launch a first of its kind lending program, in which the real estate broker, rather than the lender, will be solely responsible for determining borrower loan origination fees, it was announced today by Gerald A.
Had they gone through with the transaction, it would have cost them $20,000 in origination fees alone.
GoLoan, the online mortgage services company designed to allow residential real estate brokers and their sales representatives to reap loan origination fees in addition to their normal sales commissions, reported an 82% increase in the number of brokers signing up for its services over the same two-month period in 2001.
The three percent origination fee will apply to unsubsidized and subsidized, graduate and undergraduate Stafford Loans.
With our new 0 percent origination fee Federal Stafford Loan offering, our competitive repayment incentives, and our comprehensive suite of alternative loan products, financial aid professionals can feel even more confident recommending Wells Fargo as a smart choice for borrowers," said Veenis.
9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With college tuition consistently on the rise, Key Education Resources(R) (KER) is eliminating the origination fee on all subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans.
The company's model compensates the broker with a one time origination fee, a trailer fee for each year the mortgage remains with Cervus and a renewal fee upon renewal of the mortgage for another term.
For academic year 2005-2006, Southwest will continue to offer its Absolute Zero Loan, which waives the 3-percent origination fee on all Federal Stafford Loans that are taken out by students who reside in or attend a college or university in Arizona.