original maturity

Original maturity

Maturity at issue. For example, a five-year note has an original maturity of five years; one year later it has a maturity of four years.

Original Maturity

The time between the issue and the maturity date for a particular bond. For example, if a company issued a 20 years bond five years ago, its original maturity is 20 years, while its current maturity (or time between the present date and maturity) is 15 years. See also: Yield to maturity, Duration.

original maturity

The period between a security's maturity date and issue date. A bond issued 15 years ago that has an additional 10 years to maturity had an original maturity of 25 years. See also current maturity.
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1 times the country s short-term external debt based on original maturity and 4.
The ECP issuance will have an original tenure up to one year, while the NCD issuance has an original maturity greater than seven days.
The bank's ECP issuance will have an original tenor up to one year, while the NCD issuance has an original maturity greater than seven days.
Summary: DUBAI - National Bank of Fujairah, or NBF, announced that it has repaid its Dh643 million subordinated loan to the UAE Ministry of Finance in full and ahead of its original maturity date of 2016, having received all necessary approvals from the country's Central Bank and Ministry of Finance.
2 million have elected not to extend those commitments, which will mature on the original maturity date of June 1, 2012 and bear interest at the lower rate.
Under the plan, all of the credits related to the regular business are to be protected; all flight tickets will be used as usual; leasing fees under the Aircraft Leasing agreements will be paid as usual; there will be no changes to frequent flyer mileage; and flight coupons issued to shareholders will be valid until the original maturity dates.
modifying the credit conversion factor for various commitments, including those with an original maturity of less than one year;
The central bank will also broaden the use of loans on deeds, making those with original maturity of more than five years and up to 10 years as eligible collateral.
The company argued that the buyer did not have the cash to pay the note on the original maturity date.
The second is for items characterized by quick turnover, large amounts and short maturity (paragraph 13 says items that qualify for net reporting are cash receipts and payments pertaining to (1) investments other than cash equivalents, (2) loans receivable and (3) debt, providing that the original maturity of the asset or liability is three months or less).
The restructured agreement will extend the maturity date of the existing loans by 12 months until August 1, 2014, an extension from the original maturity date of August 1, 2013.
The Sukuk, issued in December 2009 with an original maturity of ten years (due 2019), are callable in December 2014.