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An active asset management strategy that tactically overweighted and underweighted certain sectors, depending on expected performance. Sometimes called sector rotation.

Sector Rotation

An investment strategy in which a portfolio overweights or underweights certain sectors in accordance with expected performance. Sector rotation is a form of active investment management; the portfolio manager observes market trends and alters the composition of the portfolio in order to earn the highest possible return. Sector rotation is fairly high risk, as a portfolio's systematic overweighting and underweighting means that is not efficiently diversified. See also: Markowitz portfolio theory.
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Measuring changes in optical rotation between two states of a molecule is a promising alternative, since detecting the optical rotation doesn't cause any loss of information.
With our many additional in-house quality assurance tools, such as refractive index, specific gravity, optical rotation, flash points, head space analysis and a variety of wet analysis capabilities, we make every attempt to identity anomalies that would affect our customers'products.

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