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Phase-change memory developers are resurrecting a decades-old invention that was eclipsed by the success of such materials in optical disks.
Once a favorite technology for the future, optical disk storage now is centered on CD-ROM and DVD technology.
The converted image then is stored on optical disks.
Q If business records are stored on an optical disk, may the original paper records be destroyed?
There has been no litigation specifically addressing the use of optical disks for document storage.
25-inch write-once optical disks are list priced at $75.
Maxoptix is a premier manufacturer of Magneto Optical Disks (Discs) and Magneto Optical Drive storage devices.
Like music jukeboxes, these units use robotics to mount and dismount large numbers of optical disks.
Panasonic Communications & Systems Company's Office Automation Group is now shipping its LF-7010 multifunction optical disk drive.
The MS3900 provides optical disk data and servo processing on a single chip, performing DVD encoding, DVD and CD decoding, and servo control functions.
Some view this relative newcomer in optical storage as the ultimate in mass storage technology since erasable optical disks combine the storage capacities of optical technology with the reusability of magnetic storage.