operating expenses

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Operating expenses

The amount paid for asset maintenance or the cost of doing business, excluding depreciation. Earnings are distributed after operating expenses are deducted.

Operating Expenses

A company's expenses related to the production of its goods and services. Examples of operating expenses include wages for employees, research and development, and costs of raw materials. Operating expenses do not include taxes, debt service, or other expenses inherent to the operation of a business but unrelated to production. See also: Operating income.

operating expenses

Necessary expenses for the normal day-to-day running of a business or income-producing property. It does not include financing expenses, depreciation, or capital expenditures.

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The new plan results in a lower life of mine strip ratio and reduced unit operating costs.
To understand operating costs associated with the system, it's first necessary to understand the cupola and emissions control setup in both foundries.
As noted, the increase in capital and operating costs is related to the strength of the global economy which, while supporting high metal prices, has created significant cost pressures on mining development projects around the world due to higher commodity and energy costs and longer delivery schedules for equipment.
Other notable cities included were Winnipeg (15th), Calgary (18th), Edmonton (19th), Ottawa (22nd), Windsor (27th) and Vancouver (35th), which had the highest operating costs of any city on the list at $29,348,714.
He estimates annual operating costs at $77,350 for the conventional system and $59,730 for the DOAS.
The specific rules governing operating costs and carrying charges were not changed by the 1986 Tax Act.
Yet we do so in the context of more strategic capabilities: supporting future revenue growth through increased customer service and establishing lower operating costs through improved process efficiency.
The advantages of the single-nip shoe press over a tandem two-nip shoe press are lower capital and operating costs along with ease of operation and reduced maintenance expenses.
Direct operating costs include the costs of the meals and of the labor of the cafeteria workers.
TEL) today announced the release of Precio, the company's next-generation, fully automatic 300mm wafer prober, designed to reduce overall test cell operating costs while providing maximum flexibility for the dynamic requirements of wafer testing.
Two-thirds of operating costs for businesses is not the rent.
With box-office rental fees falling short of covering operating costs, the city Theatres Department has proposed a $1 to $2 ticket surcharge to bring in an extra $100,000 a year.

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