open position

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Open position

A net long or short position whose value will change with a change in prices.

Open Position

Any position that has not been closed. For example, an open long position is the state in which an investor owns a security and has not sold it.

open position

An option or futures contract that has been bought or sold and that has not yet been offset or settled through delivery.
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Make sure the valve is in the open position when performing this task.
This account also allows job seekers to store job openings, cover letters and resumes so they can quickly and easily apply for open positions.
The new OFCCP 'Internet Applicant' definition encompasses job seekers who submit electronic expressions of interest for jobs and meet certain criteria for open positions.
Cal State Northridge has filled an open position in its athletic department and an open date on its football schedule.
For Arizona Technology Council members (employers), an online job posting area is now available, where an open position in their organization can be posted for 30 days for only $99 per job posting.
For more information or to apply for an open position, please visit the CityPlex Towers Call Center facility in person at 2488 E 81st Street, Suite 500, or email okjobs@decisionone.
At the end of 2010, more than one-third of open positions remained unfilled, a 22 percent increase over 2009, "which indicates that the physician shortage is no longer impending, it is here," the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters said.
Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, has announced the launch of its FX Open Positions module on TradingFloor.
So how do job seekers find open positions and eventually get hired?
By the time you read this column, we hope to have filled our three open positions.
OAKLAND - Three weeks after a recall election that removed the mayor and two city councilors from office, this city still has only two members on its council after a meeting meant to fill the open positions Tuesday night.