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1. See: Swap.

2. See: Roll forward.


1. See swap.
2. To move funds out of one mutual fund and into another mutual fund. See also telephone switching.
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at a glance Star performance Colm O'Donoghue on Icy Ridge Sauna stationsThe press room radiator was going full blast all afternoon with the on-off switch jammedQuote of the day"We will have a few drinks tonight and work that out in the morning" - Edgar Byrne when asked about plans for his Tadhg O'Shea-ridden winner Jalmira
A few of the SportEar's trademark features include hearing up to 50 percent better than standard muffs, 32dB noise reduction rating, ComfortFIT one-size-fits-all design, on-off switch with volume control, and CD quality sound.
They include 7-ft long 3-prong power cord, black finish, and a lighted on-off switch on the front.
But suppose that important on-off switch was not there?
A reporter saw a grey wire with an on-off switch leading from the scene to a small concrete room at the side of the road.
Claimed features include 15-inch power nozzles; on-off switch for the agitator to move between carpeting and floors; allergen-filtration system; transparent agitator cavity; and seven on-board tools.
Scott Wilson's on-off switch to Sheffield Wednesday may now go through after Murray had talks with agent John Viola and agreed to base the fee more on appearances.
Palmer, involved in an on-off switch to Barnsley in the week, ran his legs off, while Monk also impressed in the centre of defence on his debut.
Foot-operated controls, a retractable electric cord, and an on-off switch on the pistol grip permit operation without having to bend down to the cannister.
Researchers have found that the cells' receptor for estrogen is not a a simple on-off switch with a static structure.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Power Spike 4 Way Sockets With Emi Rf-Filter , Surge Spike Suppressor , On-Off Switch With 5 Meter Extension Cable Of Make Kundip Or Legrand, Gold Medal Or Anchor Only.
The researchers found strong evidence that the EphB2 (Ephrin receptor B2) gene acts as an on-off switch to create a head crest when mutant, and no head crest when normal.