offer price

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Offer price

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offer price

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1) The more favorable the private information, the higher the price update (the percentage difference between the final offer price and the midpoint of the initial price range) and, proportionately, the greater the initial returns are.
Most investors that bought IPO shares at offer prices sold them at opening prices and made money, according to the report.
Despite the fall in commodity prices since our offer commenced, ATS has maintained its offer price at $23 per share.
The Higher Offer Price, if applicable, will be paid to all shareholders who have accepted the offer, including those who have accepted the offer at the Base Offer Price.
Compared to Biacore's volume weighted average share price on the Stockholm Stock Exchange of SEK 245 for the month ending 19 June, 2006, the Offer Price represents a premium of 35 percent.
The increased offer price represents a premium of 33% over Lafarge North America's closing stock price on February 3, 2006, the last trading day before Lafarge announced its intention to commence the tender offer.
Lafarge believes that at the new offer price the transaction is attractive to Lafarge North America shareholders while still making sense for Lafarge and creating value for its shareholders.
Offeror"), jointly announce that the expectation is justified that agreement can be reached in connection with a recommended public offer by Rexam, through the Offeror ("Offer"), for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in Airspray ("Airspray Share(s)") at an offer price of EUR 26.
During the course of its process, the Independent Committee negotiated with PIEL to have the offer price increased and, while these negotiations were not successful in securing a higher offer price, PIEL did agree to revise the terms upon which the proposed amalgamation is to proceed.
Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC")), shortly to reflect the increased offer price and other relevant changes.
KG or held by Celanese AG or any of its subsidiaries in treasury) at the increased offer price of EUR51.
5 million shares of Eaton's outstanding common stock (about one percent of Eaton's outstanding shares) at an offer price of $60.

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