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As a result, it has been estimated that companies will see as much as $2 trillion in currently off-balance sheet lease obligations recorded on their collective balance sheets, giving investors more visibility into the organization's obligations.
Lot 2 Financing as off-balance sheet lease (optional assignment)
5 million, and the funds were used to pay facility-related debt and to purchase remaining assets under Beverly's off-balance sheet lease arrangement, according to a news release.
There are two primary types of off-balance sheet lease structures that exist that provide a good fit for these firms Credit Tenant and Synthetic Leases.
The 'A-' unsecured rating applies to Tri-State's off-balance sheet lease financing, where it is the lessee and obligor in an operating lease that was entered into for purposes of financing the construction of a third generating unit at the coal-based Springerville generation facility in Arizona.
GOL has one of the lowest total debt (including total off-balance sheet lease payments) to total capitalization ratios in the airline industry worldwide.
However, when Fitch takes into account I&M's off-balance sheet lease related to the Rockport plant, adjusted ratios are more in line with 'BBB-' utility peers.
9 billion of off-balance sheet lease debt for Marriott, although Fitch notes that could overstate the actual exposure since some of those leases are lower risk.
These strengths sufficiently offset credit concerns related to an aggressively leveraged capital structure, principally due to an off-balance sheet lease, and relatively high average electric rates.
Acquisition of the equity interest gives PNM the ability to retire $141 million, or approximately 21 percent of its off-balance sheet lease obligation debt.
The proceeds from the transaction will be used to retire existing debt, purchase certain leased assets, thereby terminating an existing off-balance sheet lease obligation, and increase the Company's liquidity which in turn will provide the working capital to support the Company's growth.
Western Resources' new rating reflects the large amount of additional debt incurred to finance the merger and the impact of acquiring a lower rated company, with nuclear operations and an off-balance sheet lease, at a sizeable premium to book value.