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Options Clearing Corporation


Options Clearing Corporation (OCC).

The Options Clearing Corporation issues all exchange-listed securities options in the United States and guarantees all transactions in those options.

The OCC also assigns exercised options for fulfillment, and handles the processing, delivery, and settlement of all options transactions.

The OCC is responsible for maintaining a fair and orderly market in options and is overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It's jointly owned by the exchanges that trade options.

For an overview of what you should know about options trading, you can check the OCC publication, "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options."

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Occipital neuralgia can occur spontaneously or result from underlying disease, hence--it can be classified as either primary or secondary.
Even in the occipital cortex, the lateral occipital tracts bring information from the other senses (Fiehler & Rosler, 2010; Kim & Zatorre, 2011).
Occipital neuropathy resulting from prolonged nerve compression against a head-ring is the most likely diagnosis given the history and physical findings.
Individuals with higher scores on PC I tended to be larger with greater total length, body mass, bill length, wing chord, and occipital width.
MRI scanning revealed prominent cortical and subcortical hyperintensities in the occipital and high parietal regions consistent with the radiological phenomenon of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) (Fig.
Hamish McMurdo gave a patient's perspective on surviving dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans of the occipital bone.
Neck length (NL) was measured from occipital tubercle to the vertebra prominens.
In smokers, however, smoking cues were significantly associated with activity in the anterior cingulate (in the frontal cortex), the middle occipital gyrus, and the hippocampus--all of which lie within the brain's addiction centers.
They found that those with at least one copy of the FTO gene had 8% less volume in their frontal lobes and 12% less in the occipital lobes, compared with people who lacked the variant.