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Or Better

The limit price in a limit order. That is, when making an OB order, the investor states that he/she wants to buy or sell at a given price or a better one if it is available.


See or better.
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In fact, one obstetrician experienced in dealing with family violence, stated that they had never felt at risk when dealing with violent relationships.
The importance of physician gender in the selection of an obstetrician or a gynecologist.
Keep all of your appointments with your primary doctor and your obstetrician.
As I've said, it is important to keep in close touch with your neurologist and obstetrician (or pediatrician) during this period.
Certain obstetricians specialise even further, for example in twin pregnancies, pre-eclampsia, diabetes and infertility.
If the obstetrician uses too much force all of the responsibility is on them and a trained obstetrician with expertise in the area can get struck off.
Obstetricians have been talking women into unnecessary C-sections for years, but validation of irrational behavior by a professional society is an offense against public health.
What of the obstetrician late in his or her career who desires to transition out of obstetrics and yet faces the prospect of an exorbitant tail coverage payment?
The obstetrician was not available, and the nurse was referred to another physician in the office, Dr.
A second female consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist has joined the Eliot team.
Cherie's speedy release from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was all down to the Domino Scheme, which involves close liaison between the mother, her doctor - obstetrician Zoe Penn in Cherie's case - and a district midwife.
In roughly one-third of the 69 full-term births, obstetrician Ruben Grajeda, then of the Institute of Nutrition for Central America and Panama, or a colleague clamped shut the umbilical cord immediately.