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SOME PEOPLE LAUGHED WHEN CYNTHIA LONGCHAMPS, A divorced mother of three with little money and no medical background began raising funds to convert a convent for cloistered nuns into a respite center for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
It was believed the austerity of the nuns' life led a large number of postulants to drop out before their final vows, even though the nuns no longer have to shave their heads and the iron-barred windows have gone.
So now, in exchange for a minimum donation of around pounds 60 a year, a nun makes it her responsibility to offer up prayers.
Monson maintains that focusing on the church hierarchy's musical prohibitions and restrictions regarding musical practices in early modern Italian convents provides a rather distorted view of their musical traditions, and in this he is, of course, correct, but his thesis about the disastrous effects of the later crises at Santa Cristina on its only composing nun would seem to contradict this in part.
It's the story of a nun who gets involved with the poor, starts writing to a death-row inmate, goes to visit him, and gets more and more involved--mostly because he's got nobody else and he needs and trusts her.
When a nun died," she said, "often they didn't know what to put in the monastery record.
Thank A Nun Day was inspired by the new spiritual memoir "Five Years In Heaven: The Unlikely Friendship That Answered Life's Greatest Questions" (Image, May 5, 2015) by John Schlimm.
She was in a lifeboat with several men, but only one knew she was a nun.
THREE missionary nuns have been found killed in their convent in Burundi, Italian officials said.
Nuns are women who are joyfully committed to being faithful disciples of the Church teachings.
BEIRUT: Thirteen nuns were freed late Sunday by Syrian rebels in exchange for the release by Damascus of more than 150 Syrian women prisoners following Lebanese and Qatari mediation, officials said, putting an end to an ordeal that lasted more than three months and won world sympathy.
The head nun of this particular rural village temple was herself keenly aware of this fact, as is evident from the following event: Some subscribers had invited her to attend a movie that was scheduled for a morning screening at the local school.