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Primary care comes from such hard working, dedicated doctors, as in this practice, and not from the deskbound number crunchers of which our modern health service seems to abound.
Lord Turner yesterday hit back after Treasury number crunchers claimed his proposals will add another 5p to income tax.
Number crunchers and educators in the Las Virgenes Unified School District are evaluating the pros and cons of adding a seventh period to the day for middle and high school students.
Joyfully, interrupting thousands of factory workers, number crunchers, and widget makers from coast to coast, VH1 at Work makes use of two main weapons in its campaign to force employees everywhere to stop what they are doing: entertainment and musical pleasure.
Health service number crunchers took the highest and lowest body mass indexes and divided the difference into 100 divisions.
And the number of young people who can't be tracked down after the age of 16 has fallen, allowing number crunchers to collect more accurate statistics.
Government number crunchers also admitted the economy didn't grow as much as forecast in the first half.
Number crunchers at the Higher Education Statistics Agency have published the percentages of students who drop out of degree courses at universities round the country.
Leaning heavily on its emergence from violence to become a regional centre for the arts, number crunchers predict Derry could enjoy a multimillion-euro windfall if successful.
RYAN has warned RTE bosses to keep their hands off his cash as the station's number crunchers look to cut wage bills of their top stars.
TWO young number crunchers met Formula One driver Johnny Herbert at the launch of a maths skills competition at Silverstone.
But Equality Authority bosses ruled against the number crunchers at the Maynooth branch.