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Even where men spend the night in the men's house, there are likely to be symbolic markers of the nuclear family, the most common of which, I should guess from what I know of other areas, is the singling out of close procreative kin as (in native lexicons) the 'real' or 'true' members of their kin classes (Shapiro 2005a).
The tendency to privilege the biological nuclear family story is particularly enigmatic, given the social changes in U.
In shifting blame from systematic inequality to the structural inequality of the black social structure, the Moynihan Report ignored several obstacles in postwar America to the black community's adoption of the gendered divisions of the nuclear family model: the exclusion of black males from breadwinner roles and the corresponding re-channeling of black females into domestic servant roles, the de facto exclusion of black families from the commodity culture through which families publicly display their success at achieving economic power through consumerism, and the need for black families to pool resources in order to consolidate their economic weakness and maintain some semblance of economic and social stability.
There is merely a wish to point out that what may be so optimal about a nuclear family is that, in this culture, it may simply be the most economically efficient way for a family to ensure that a maximum number of the family's individual and collective needs are met.
Although increasing reports in the United States and elsewhere of parent-child incest seem to demonstrate strong -- indeed, sometimes overpowering -- Oedipal urges within the nuclear family, appearances prove deceiving, according to Thornhill.
The idea of a nuclear family doesn't seem to represent how families really live," Milardo remarked to Vision's Gina Stepp.
THIS cosy des-res in the country could be yours for just pounds 7,000 - and it's perfect for a nuclear family.
Washington, Nov 18 (ANI): Scientists have used DNA analysis to confirm that a 4,600 year old grave found in Germany, contains the world's earliest nuclear family.
Eight reprinted reports from the Congressional Research Service review government efforts to protect the nuclear family that some US political factions tout as the primordial foundation of divine order.
Bridget is quintessentially 21st century British - frequently embarrassed, wont to over-indulgence, and with her Chardonnayswilling mates acting as her own nuclear family.
Brother Liam O'Meara, who runs the Burren Chernobyl Project, says Nuclear Family tells the story of a love affair between an Irish monk and a Belarussian woman.
For example, while Hartman critiques Peter Laslett's classic The World We Have Lost and the Cambridge School more generally for their focus on the nuclear family, their data can be turned to verify the significance of women's late marriage, a more obvious difference than two generational households between England from 1580-1837 and other peasant cultures.

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