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The pen: has a built-in lithium battery (chargeable via USB) for up to 10 hours of continuous writing; is notepad capable of storing up to 100 A4 pages, operating via infrared; contains Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your notes to any mobile device (iOS/Android); and uses a standard ink cartridge (included; refills available).
On one page of the notepad, Peter had written a simple reminder to himself to "Go outdoors".
The final entry in the brightly coloured notepad was the day before her death.
Albayalde said the notepad included a sketch on how to make a car bomb similar to the one used in Cotabato in 2013.
Featuring cats and dogs in different poses on the front covers and with coloured co-ordinating pages these notepads add a light hearted touch to tackling dull to do lists and office paperwork.
He turned back to his notepad only to discover that his pencil had run amok and left deep scratches up and down the length of the page that crisscrossed the words and pinned them to the square of paper, closing them off as if putting them behind bars.
Donald McDuckie A pen and notepad wouldn't do the job of a tablet.
It's not that these elements are designed badly - that leather notepad really does look like leather - it's choosing to use such designs that is wrong.
Plain useful Find and pin Notepad to your Start menu, so that it is available for use.
Minnie Mouse Filled Glittery zip-up pencil case notepad, ballpoint pen, felt-tip pencils and colouring pencils, a ruler with alphabet stencil, glue stick and plastic scissors, a sharpener and eraser, and multiplication cards.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 23, 2012-Secure notepad and address book app for the iPhone introduced by Apps Genius(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.