nonmarketable security

Nonmarketable security

Securities that cannot be easily bought and sold.

Nonmarketable Security

A security that may not be bought or sold. Generally, a nonnegotiable security may be redeemed by the issuer, but this is often subject to some limitations. Low-risk instruments such as savings bonds and certificates of deposit are examples of nonnegotiable securities. They are also called nonnegotiable securities and nontradeable securities.

nonmarketable security

A security that may not be sold by one investor to another. This type of security is generally redeemable by the issuer, although within certain limitations. U.S. Treasury savings bonds and most certificates of deposit are nonmarketable securities. Also called nonnegotiable security.
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However, if the transferred item is a nonmarketable security, such as an LLC interest, it is not clear what is considered adequate disclosure.
Research suggests that a 25% to 35% or even higher discount is necessary to induce people to hold a nonmarketable security.
6 million charge for the writedown of a nonmarketable security in 2003.