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For the contiguous United States, 2014 ranked nominally as the 38th warmest year on record since 1850.
A nominally civilian government took office last March, surprising many by releasing hundreds of political prisoners, signing ceasefire deals with ethnic rebels, increasing media freedom and easing censorship laws.
applied to nominally private executives because both of these types of
We then polished all six specimens to nominally the same surface roughness (Ra), 0.
Replacing the person nominally in charge is a short-term fix that helps spare the powers that be--often the school board and the mayor--from facing the reality that profound changes are needed.
Yin yang Electron bombardment of neutrons revealed that the nominally neutral particles contain regions of positive and negative charge (161: 262).
That the gay characters are the bad guys is of little ideological consequence, in that Modesty and Willie, while nominally heterosexual, are more chaste than Will and Grace.
In effect, the British and the French were psychologically incapable of dealing with the Middle East other than through leaders manufactured to resemble their nominally religious but passionately nationalist selve s.
The consul general allegedly arranged to use food purchased nominally with confidential funds for official parties at the Consulate General for consumption by himself and his family at his official residence between 1999 and 2000, they said.
An estimated 98 percent of the Greek population are at least nominally members of the Greek Orthodox Church.
The main purpose of the enormous Biopreparat capability was to hide biological weapons research, development, and production formerly carried out solely in Ministry of Defense establishments behind a facade of nominally civilian biotechnology and pharmaceutical enterprises.
5 million and a nominally priced long-term lease on the land.