nominal group technique

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nominal group technique (NGT)

a structured form of idea generation similar to BRAINSTORMING and the DELPHI technique. NGT draws on individual and group strengths using both as appropriate. One of its advantages is that it prevents domination of the group and has been widely used for QUALITY and PRODUCTIVITY improvement as well as organization strategy development. The technique requires a team of about 7 to 11 or 12 individuals who will form a multi-disciplined team and who are led by a facilitator. The technique has 8 steps, starting with a carefully prepared ‘problem statement’. The second stage involves the facilitator encouraging the team to restate the problem in their own terms, this is followed by a silent generation period where individuals write down their responses, alternatives or suggestions to the statement. Ideas are then collected, recorded and clarified. The team then vote and rank each idea. The result is a ranked set of ideas towards a solution. NGT is frequently used instead of brainstorming as a means of idea generation. See NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.