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While Indian companies try to provide no-frills products, foreign firms try to provide additional features in their products.
They will dedicate more space to no-frills products and, in more affluent times, will contract the offers in terms of volume and visibility so they can sell products with a greater margin.
SAINSBURY'S are launching in-store "taste tests" to persuade shoppers no-frills products are as good as big brands.
Nearly three-quarters of people who opted for no-frills products had bought household items, such as cleaning products, 65% had bought food from a supermarket's basics range and 50% had bought toiletries.
The programme included the launch of 60 new stores and a range of lower priced no-frills products.
Time was when, to most consumers, supermarket own label conjured up the image of plastic bags of muesli stamped with large black letters, cheap jam with even cheaper plain white labels, and a plethora of no-frills products which added about as much colour to the average British kitchen as a whitewashed wall.
Packaging for generic or no-frills products has its own language.
Leading the charge have been single-use cameras, which have grown from bare-bones, no-frills products to sophisticated cameras that continue to attract new users to the category.