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Large masses of nickel and of tin were discovered stored in an out-house, but no coins were to be found, which may have explained the presence of those bulky boxes which have been already referred to.
Some of these older people would give me a nickel, others a quarter, or a handkerchief.
The room was large, and sombre with dark woods and hangings like the hall; but through the west window the sun threw a long shaft of gold across the floor, gleamed dully on the tarnished brass andirons in the fireplace, and touched the nickel of the telephone on the great desk in the middle of the room.
He had stood the barber off, and he had walked all the way from the City Hall because of lack of the nickel carfare.
Inflation has diminished the purchasing power of our money to such an extent that nickels and pennies are now worth more melted down than their face value.