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  1. a form of WORK ORGANIZATION in which tasks are subcontracted to people who work away from the office (at home for instance) but who are connected to office information systems via COMPUTER-based ELECTRONIC MAIL and similar communications links. Usually networked staff are former employees who have become SELF-EMPLOYED and are now paid on a fee basis. Networking can be advantageous to all parties: employers benefit from lower employment costs whilst networked staff gain more control over their working time.
  2. the establishment by a manager of contacts with other people whose knowledge and expertise might prove useful to the manager.
  3. the linking of a number of firms or business units within a firm in order to develop a supply chain for a product. This could involve, for example, business unit (A) supplying components to business unit (B) which assembles these components into a final product which is then marketed by business unit (C). See MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, JUST IN TIME (JIT) SYSTEM.
  4. the process of linking together a number of PERSONAL COMPUTERS in order to facilitate communication between them.


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It can also be a meaningful technique to aide in the transformation of management thinking within the DoD and help introduce the concept of networking and net-centric operations into general management thinking and research.
com) offers a comprehensive Policy Networking solution that provides complete security starting at the endpoints and working throughout a network -- from the edge to the core.
The speakers will address the latest developments and deployments of secure and assured networking in the following presentations:
These network-friendly features make Proventia Network IPS much simpler to mount in data centers and incorporate with other networking equipment.
Embedded control networks extend networking to the discrete sensors (micro-switches, pushbuttons, shaft encoders, etc.
As leading operators across the world like Mobistar finalize their 3G migration plans, more and more are turning to Nortel Networks as a trusted 3G networking ally," said Peter MacKinnon, president, GSM/UMTS, Nortel Networks.
Leveraging the companies' combined expertise in networking, the Lucent and Juniper relationship delivers market-ready unified solutions through a strong joint development program that has produced industry-leading ATM-over-MPLS interworking to support network convergence and the ability to manage Juniper Networks routing platforms under the familiar Lucent NAVIS(R) iOperations Software suite currently used by Lucent customers to manage their multiservice switches.
Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT) (TSX:NT) today announced the next step in delivering high-performance networks for local governments and municipalities in North America - a complete solution set for enabling high-bandwidth, reliable and secure networking through Nortel Networks optical portfolio.
Nortel Networks vision of total network security encompasses a full spectrum of networking solutions, and delivers security solutions with the performance and ease of deployment we require," El-Haggan said.
Upgrades to BaykalWestcom's existing digital wireless network are designed to accommodate more network traffic and wireless phone calls while also streamlining networking functions.

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