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Then, I calculate the interest rate that would be required to make the Net Present Value of each project zero.
The equation for the net present value is similar to the IRR equation:
Figure 2: Calculating the Net Present Value of the Investment
To convert future dollars to present dollars, net present value analysis uses a number called a "discount rate.
The net present value of a project in a developed area when neither tax holidays nor the import duty are given.
However, the year end 1995 net present value included $48 million that was removed from the year end 1996 amount due to the contract termination.
The present values can then be added up to determine the net present value (NPV).
Periodic cutting of selected trees yields a net present value of only $490.
a net present value can be determined by subtracting the discounted (or present value) costs from the discounted (or present value) benefits.
Pilgrim's Estimated Future Net revenue (before income taxes) is $102,370,000 and a Net Present Value at 10% discount rate of $52,050,000.