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Research Fellow Dr Samuel Wharton said: "While most MRI-based research focuses on tissue measurements at the millimeter length scale, our experimental scans on healthy human volunteers and modeling of the myelin sheath shows that much more detailed microscopic information relating to the size and direction of nerve fibers can be generated using fairly simple imaging techniques.
There are about 20,000 auditory nerve fibers in each human ear, and each of these has a slightly different tuning curve.
In the control colon specimens, we noted strong NGFR staining of nerve fibers and ganglion cells of the submucosal and myenteric plexuses and of nerve fibers within the circular and longitudinal muscle layers.
Although the experiments did not show improved function as a result of the newly formed myelin, it is likely that repaired nerve fibers would conduct normally, indicates lan Duncan, professor of neurology, University of Wisconsin.
By providing nutritional management with Metanx([R]) to correct this imbalance, patients in this trial experienced an increase in nerve fiber density which correlated with improvement in numbness, tingling and burning pain".
Recently, several studies have examined fibromyalgia patients for small fiber neuropathy using a skin biopsy test to determine Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD).
Capsaicin destroys the nerve fibers that take signals from the gut to the brain, leaving intact the nerve fibers that send signals in the opposite direction, from the brain to the gut.
Waxman administered phenytoin to mice with EAE, which protected nerve fibers from damage for up to 180 days.
The neurons survived at least three months in culture while maintaining the ability to generate action potentials, the electrical signals transmitted along nerve fibers.
Myelin insulates nerve fibers and is damaged in MS.
That probe, inserted into the coiled inner ear tube known as the cochlea, directly stimulates auditory nerve fibers.
A schwannoma is a solitary encapsulated tumor; a neurofibroma is not capsulated and contains nerve fibers within the lesion.