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Thinner nerve fiber layer was associated with worse performance on memory, reasoning, and reaction time at baseline, and with a decline in each of these tests over time," she said.
Much research has been done, with some progress, on using stem cells to regenerate other bands of nerve fibers in the spinal cord.
We are proposing this as an another theory to explain the varying nerve fiber thicknesses according to the ONH size at the fixed diameter of 3.
They sought to determine whether SIV infection leads to decreases in corneal nerve fiber density, and whether corneal nerve fiber density correlates with epidermal nerve fiber length counts, thereby setting the stage for follow-up investigation using corneal confocal microscopy.
Optic disc examination included evaluation of qualitative changes like contour of the neuroretinal rim, presence of optic disc hemorrhages, appearance of nerve fiber layer (NFL) and optic disc color and quantitative morphometric analysis of optic nerve head e.
Based on knowledge of the molecular structure of myelin, the Nottingham physicists devised a new model in which the nerve fibers are represented as long thin hollow tubes with special (anisotropic) magnetic properties.
Yadav believes that this proof-of-concept trial will help determine whether lipoic acid has potential as a therapy that can protect people with MS from nerve fiber damage and resulting disability.
The analysis of sound frequency and intensity, however, have their origins in the cochlea, and are represented in the pattern of action potential discharges found in auditory nerve fibers.
Sensory nerve conduction threshold was measured in large myelinated, small myelinated, and unmyelinated nerve fibers.
A previous study reported that cell bodies of the efferent nerve fibers are located in the cheliceral ganglia, bilateral clusters of neurons at the lateral, posterior edges of the protocerebrum (Calman and Battelle, Vis.
Scientists in Miami report they have found a new way to promote growth of new nerve fibers in damaged areas of the spinal cord--a breakthrough that may someday pave the way to a cure for paralysis.