natural person

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Natural Person

An individual belonging to the human race. In law, natural persons have rights, such as the right to own property, the right to enter into a contract, the right to vote, and the right to engage in commerce. Natural persons may be held liable for criminal and civil penalties. A natural person is distinguished from a juridical person, which is an artificial entity with some of the rights of a natural person.

natural person

An individual, as opposed to an artificial person like a corporation, partnership, or association.

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As a matter of principle, in order to be liable in tort, the natural person must be aware of his actions.
14) Consequently, there is no need to reaffirm the powers of the Crown, or the constraints on those authorities, upon a demise of the Crown and the accession of a new natural person as the next reigning Sovereign.
A political official is a natural person who is an agent of a polity or a political department.
Natural persons, institutions, organizations, associations and similar legal persons are eligible to file an application; however, public institutions cannot.
This statute is unique in that when its initial version was passed in 1994, it was the first legislation of its kind in Canada to have granted natural person powers to the municipality; that is, the power to do anything that a normal human being can do.
Stone said: "She is a very natural person and lovely to be with.
For undisclosed LTs, the penalty is $100,000 in the case of any natural person, and $200,000 for corporations and all other non-individual taxpayers.
He has never been the natural person to represent the people of Hartlepool.
78u-2(b)(1) -- $5,500 for a natural person and $60,000 for any other person.
Just as a natural person cannot merely pass his or her legal responsibilities onto another person -- such as performance under a contract or responsibility for a debt -- a corporation cannot do so either.
Person" means any natural person, corporation, partnership, unincorporated association, or other entity;
2 This should be the full name of (a) the shareholder; (b) the natural person or legal entity acquiring, disposing of or exercising voting rights in the cases provided for in article 9(b) to (h) of the Transparency Law; (c) all the parties to the agreement referred to in article 9(a) of that Law, or (d) the holder of financial instruments entitled to acquire shares already issued to which voting rights are attached, as appropriate.